Decorating a Loft Apartment in Germany

For those that have taken up residence in Germany, they are most fortunate if they have been able to find a loft apartment. Once they do then they are most certainly going to want to decorate it to suit their tastes. There are some great ways to go about this.

Dealing with the Large Space

The common elements of design for a loft style apartment is that it has an industrial look to it and is comprised of a large open space. The key to success here is to use furniture for the room divisions to prevent having to install walls.

Using Colour for Distinction

Another way to divide the rooms is by the use of colour. Again because there will be limited wall space the use of the colour can be done with the furniture. Using upholstered furniture in distinct colours can create the division. For example, the living room can utilize bright reds for the couch and the kitchen area could make use of yellow upholstered chairs.

Using different Textures

Using different textures with a variety of different types of furniture can help to create a theme for the loft apartment. Care has to be taken the furniture remains balanced throughout the entire apartment. Otherwise it will look off centered.

Creating Focal Points

Another option to create division of space is to create specific focal points in each area. This can be done with an accessory or even a large piece of furniture.


Different illusions can be created with a variety of lighting. Large industrial overhead lighting can be used for areas like the kitchen and bathroom. For other areas more subdued lighting would be the better choice.

The bottom line is when it comes to decorating the loft it is going to come down to personal preferences.