Germany’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Rococo palaces, mountain peaks, beer festivals, monumental cathedrals, fairy tale castles, great cities, and medieval villages are just but a few things that make Germany a tourists’ favorite, and with all these attractions, it can be difficult believing that most of the country was entirely reconstructed after the World War II. Only few countries match the mighty Germany in terms of the impact on the planet. Known as the birthplace of the printing press, Reformation, and aspirin, Germany has it all. The country has also treated the world to (in)famous figures such as Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler etc. And now, the country offers some of the best hotels in the world, including:

  • The Fontenay, Hamburg: A reflection of the modern Hamburg, this hotel is not only exceptionally welcoming but also cosmopolitan and open-minded. This luxury hotel is tailor-made for both national and international tourists seeking to discover and rediscover Hamburg. Flooded with state-of-the-art rooms, balconies, and other features, the hotel creates a perfect balance between urbanity and nature.
  • Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden, Bavarian Alps: The purest form of exploration can be found in the mountains, and this hotel is not shy about it. As always, the Bavarian Alps holds an irresistible kind of attraction. The Alpine lifestyle and Bavarian hospitality make this hotel a special place to be.
  • Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa, Baden-Baden: Having been a perfect destination for diversion and relaxation since 1872, this hotel has stood the test of time. Here, you can enjoy all that Baden-Baden is known for, including sophisticated spas, luxurious therapy, high culture, and refreshing natural parkland.
  • Mandarin Oriental, Munich: A calm refuge of Neo-Renaissance elegance and charm, this hotel offers the highest level of personalized service there is to enjoy. It is ideally situated at center of Munich where it is surrounded by the world’s famous theaters and museums, and of course, not to mention the Bavarian Opera House.