Merkel Under Fire For Migration Policy Dispute

Angela Merkel, Chancellor in Germany, has on Friday admitted that a dispute over the migrant policy has dented the confidence of the German people in her government. She is adamant about her administration producing work and that she has never considered resigning from her post. This is Merkel’s fourth term in office. However, it has been marred by the dispute in question, that has threatened the solidarity of her administration. The agreement reached by the coalition leaders to turn away migrants who had sought asylum elsewhere in Europe has stemmed the tides somewhat.

Merkel’s Administration Achievements

While Merkel’s administration has achieved a lot, the results have been somewhat overshadowed by the conflict. She has also insisted that the question posed over migration to Germany was one that was worth debating, regardless of whether or not figures were lower over the past few years or not. Merkel has emphasized that her government administration is focused on other policies which seek to curb unemployment on the long-term, secure pensions and improve the profession of nursing in the country. Merkel reiterates that there will be more conflict, of that there is no doubt, however, the handling of the situations as they arise in a manner that does not allow the results of their efforts to go unnoticed, is required.

The Merkel Future

Having already led the German nation for close on twelve and a half years, she has no plan on going anywhere any time soon. She plans on serving out her term in parliament which is scheduled to come to an end in 2021. She has, however, responded to questions posed about the possibility of a fifth term although the German people expect her to pursue it. Merkel only commented that there was a right time for everything, hinting that it would be revealed in good time.