Micro-Apartment Living in Major Cities

Urban dwellers are slowly coming to terms with the reality that most cities are increasingly becoming overcrowded, which means that the demand for housing exceeds the supply. This is not an isolated problem, almost all major cities have to live with it. As city planners rethink their approach to end the crisis, most of them are in agreement that micro-apartments could help ease the shortage of houses.

To city renters, micro-apartments resents a great option to live others. To others, it is a great way to save money. If you have been wondering why micro-apartment living appeals to most city dwellers, here are some fundamental reasons micro-apartments are becoming popular

  • Reduced Monthly Costs

To most people, living in a small apartment is a practical option of cutting down on living costs. Besides being less expensive to rent, living in a small space is also easy/affordable to furnish, keep fresh during the hot summers, or warm during the winter. With rent process going up, micro-apartments are increasingly becoming the preferred housing option in most European cities.

  • Appeal to Millennials

Living in expensive cities can be a real turn-off to a new graduate or young adult especially when one is looking for a house in a decent neighborhood. Most millennials prefer living in specific conditions and do not care much about the size of the house they live in. Lower rent process also appeals to millennials considering that they rent for a fraction of the amount paid for larger units within the same neighborhood.

Major European cities like London are struggling with the housing crisis, where one in ten people are on house waiting lists – according to the Guardian. In light of this, cities like London, Paris, Tokyo, Warsaw and some Chinese cities have embraced micro-apartment models, where people live in tiny, though prime locations.