Pick Your Location in Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city. The city has been shaped over the years, around several rivers that flow right through it, resulting, to great effect, in an amazing number of canals and bridges. The city is divided in seven main districts (Bezirke), with altogether different qualities.


The western-most area of Hamburg, it is home to a renowned fish-market, frequented by tourists and locals alike. The housing prices vary a lot, being higher towards the centre of the city and gradually decreasing as you travel west.


Located farthest from the centre, this is hands down the greenest area of Hamburg. With the lowest population density of the city, houses tend to be larger and more affordable, while inevitably located next to some park (many of them classified) or farm.


This small district houses the Hamburg university and plenty of associated facilities in the University quarter. It is also well-known in Germany as the heart of media enterprises and a creative hub for arts and science.

Hamburg Mitte

The centre, all said: busy streets, shopping, entertainment, cafés, theatres etc., basically everything a major city has to offer, just a short walk away from home. Plus most of the port of Hamburg is located right here. The catch: housing is some of the most expensive you’re going to find around town.

Hamburg Nord

Located about five miles away form the city centre, the main feature of this area is the international airport. With a lot of recently constructed apartment buildings, it’s a fast growing neighbourhood as the great living conditions aren’t triggering high prices yet.


Southernmost tip of Hamburg, berth of the industrial part of the city.


Remarkably for a city of this magnitude, Wandsbek seems more like a group of villages put together. Cozy cottages stand harmoniously next to modern buildings, making it some of the most looked-for real estate of Hamburg.