The Mandala Hotel

A privately owned 5-star hotel, The Mandala Hotel boasts a cool and serene ambiance never to be found in any other place.


The hotel is situated at Potsdamer Platz directly opposite the Sony Center, putting a chain of monumental sights within walking distance. The Film Museum and Philharmonie hall are just a hop away. In just five minutes, you can walk to the Brandenburger Tor or the Holocaust Memorial. Two of the largest malls in Berlin located at Leipziger Platz and Potsdamer Platz are also in close proximity.

Style and Character

From the pampering dozens of rooms to burbling spa and restaurant, the hotel is both charming and calming. All the artworks and furnishings have been carefully selected to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to every guest, whether from Germany or any other country. Frequent micro-refurbishments are meant to ensure everything around the hotels appears brand new.

Food and Drink

The fine-dining restaurant (FACIL) tends to be the most fascinating section, and many guests who visit this hotel will tell you the same. The restaurant boasts special landscaped foliage that hides the outside world to perfection. Its Asian-esque interior design brings a serene atmosphere to life. With a range of foods and drinks, including pasta dishes, cheeses, fishes, egg dishes, hot drinks, fine wines, and classy cocktails, you have a wide range of culinary fireworks to choose from. Other foods include guinea fowl breast served with lettuce, black truffle, earl grey tea, Douglas fir, and artichokes.


All the rooms contain a refined decoration with neutral color schemes. Designer desks and tables, superior carpets, and perfectly sized bathrooms with bathtubs constitute the basics of each room.


Famous for its infrared detoxes and traditional beauty treatments, this spa alone is enough to make you visit the hotel. Here, you will enjoy neck rubs, yoga massages, and other special treatments typical of a modern spa.