Top Tourist Attractions in Germany

The essence of vacationing in Germany can perhaps be described best by the country’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty. With historic towns and cities, as well as the abundance of mountains and forests, visitors tend to be spoiled for choice. While those wanting to participate in recreational activities should head to places like the Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps, or the Mosel Valley, visitors seeking to experience art should visit the country’s metropolitan areas. Of course, lovely grand palaces and old cathedrals are almost everywhere, and many century-old traditions tend to continue in small towns and villages. The capital, Berlin, which is located at the cultural heart of Germany, is home to a myriad of fine galleries and museums. If you love nature, you’re also covered as there is a world of possibilities in the great outdoors of Germany. To be more specific, the following are some of the top-rated tourist attraction sites in Germany:

  • Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate:

Built for King Frederick William II, this monumental structure was the first neoclassical construction to ever exist in Berlin and was erected in 1791. It is undoubtedly the city’s most iconic structure.

  • Cologne Cathedral:

Located on the banks of Rhine, this is certainly the most impressive landmark in Cologne. A masterpiece of High Gothic architectural work, Cologne Cathedral is one of the Europe’s largest cathedrals.

  • The Rhine Valley:

Considered to be the most important waterway in Europe, this river runs 1,320 kilometers long, stretching from Switzerland all the way to Netherlands. While you can enjoy this majestic river from many places in Germany, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley seems to be the best point. Here, you will find at least 60 picturesque medieval towns and 40 castles to be explored either by car or river cruise.

Other monumental sites include the Museum Island in Berlin, the Berlin Wall, King’s Lake, and the Island of Rügen, all waiting for you to explore.